Welcome to Rexon Radios, New Zealand

Rexon Radios NZ are the Only Authorised New Zealand Importer/distributors for the Rexon Technology Corporation of Taiwan Two Way Radio Product Range.


Welcome to Rexon Radios, New Zealand

The hand held and mobile PRS, 2 way radios and portable radio transceivers produced by Rexon are among some of the highest quality Radio Transceivers you will find on the world wide market.

Not only is the quality exceptional and the reliability second to none, but they are affordable and very competitively priced.

Rexon Radios are made by Rexon Technology Corporation in Taiwan. This is a billon dollar a year plus company specializing in producing high quality commercial Two-Way Radio Transceivers and electrical products for the worldwide market.

Rexon Radios NZ is the New Zealand Importing Agent and Distributor for Rexon Radio Communications and Two Way Radio Products.

Rexon’s Quality Commercial Radios are used around the world in many difficult and challenging Radio Communication environments.

Air-band Radio – compliant to NZ/AUS 4583 standards

Our New RHP-530 air-band handheld radios with built in blue-tooth is one of the only air-band radios in New Zealand that is compliant to the NZ/AUS 4583 Standards, view our RHP-530 air-band handheld radios here.

Some of the places where you will find Rexon PRS, 2 way radios, or portable radio products in use is:

  • Australian Defence Force
  • Thailand Police
  • Bangladesh BDR
  • Taiwan Fire Fighters
  • German Ambulance Service
  • Russian River Police
  • A wide Commercial market in the United Kingdom.
  • Australian Wildlife Service
  • NZ Surf Life Saving

If your Business, Organization or Club requires a PRS, 2 way radios, or portable radios that is rugged, reliable and able to stand the test of time then look no further. These radios are ideal for large or small businesses operating in:

  • Government
  • Construction and Roading
  • Forestry and Farming
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Port Operations
  • Airport Operations and Ground Services
  • Security Operations and Surveillance
  • Taxi and Couriers
  • Recreational Hunting, Fishing and Tramping
  • Four Wheel Drive, Kart and Motor Sports clubs
  • Fire Fighting and Rescue Services
  • Ambulance
  • Search and Rescue and Surf Life Saving
  • Amateur Radio
  • Boating and Marine Operations
  • UHF CB Radio (Personal Radio Service)
  • Wineries and Horticulture

We have a full parts backup and servicing with Service Agents in Nelson and Christchurch.

Extreme testing has been done on the RL328 Series Hand Held Transceivers, where they were dropped from 10 metres onto concrete over 20 times, dropped in oil, hosed down with a high pressure hose, steamed in a sauna, and still the radios performed flawlessly.
If you would like to read the reports on these tests, you can view them at the Rexon UK Site under “Quality and Testing” and “More Testing, Better Quality”.

The radios are designed to strict USA Military Standard MIL-810C/D/E/F. They are also IP54 Rated (Splash Proof).
Rexon RL328 Series Two Way radios have been tested in New Zealand and fully comply with EN300 086 and NZ/AS 4295 standards for the New Zealand and Australian market.

If for some reason you can’t locate the information you require, you require pricing or wish to place an order for one of our quality Two Way Radio products, or you wish to become a Distributor and Service Agent for our range, please don’t hesitate to email or phone us with your enquiry and we will gladly assist you in any way we can.